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Afrobeat-rubadub music Ltd brings you a world of music to your door step to add to your collection.

Afrobeat-Rubadub Music Ltd store specialises in acquisition or rare and re-issues of Roots Rock Reggae music, Afrobeat/Afromanding, Soul and many more. We pride ourselves on our extensive research and experience in this field.Our research has led us from  afrobeat/afromanding to the roots of reggae music, not to mention the early years of gospel music metamorphosing into soul.


With special emphasis on reggae history and its pioneers like Treasure isle, The black ark studio (lee scratch perry), and Studio one. We concentrate our source in Africa where it all began hundreds of years ago. It is believed that Africa is one of the richest and most diverse cultures in the world. It is within this diversity that the Afrobeat became the foundation rhythm.


African music has been a major factor in the shaping of what we know today as Blues, Jazz, Soul, and Reggae. These styles have all borrowed deeply from African rhythms and sounds, brought over the Atlantic Ocean by African people.


Infact it can be argued that African music has been at the root of all contemporary music and has made significant contributions to it. Even within dance, poetry, art and theatre you can see its presence across global entertainment. Vinyl has traditionally been the DJ’s main weapon. For non DJ’s, with great taste in music, vinyl is the choice.



We mainly distribute Vinyl (records) but we also provide other formats: Cd’s and our newly introduced digital downloads. The visual effect of the true record (vinyl) has never been surpassed. It’s like a good book, which you keep and treasure. Most of our records (vinyl) are re-issues of the classics in roots reggae.

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